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⭐️Every Friday from 18:00 to 19:00 to 20:00

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3 courses for you

We are looking for students !

1. A very simple introductory Japanese course for travel 
(12 times)

✏️ introducing minimal Japanese for travel and Japanese sights and specialty products

2. Japanese in Kanji (12 times)

✏️Kanji has an exciting story and a message. You will learn how to derive the characters. Experience and experience a fascinating culture.

3. Omakase Basic Course

⭐️Private(Individual) lessons / 1time  30 minutes 10€

⭐️Group lessons / 1time  50 minutes 10€

     5 times and 10 times available

my name is Yumiko!

Favorite dish: sushi
Favorite drinks: Green tea
Favorite sport: swimming
I like: karaoke, traveling ...
My next goals: improve my German
Experience as a teacher (19years)
 ・Japan: primary school teacher
 ・Germany: Japanese & Calligraphy teacher

I currently teach at the high school, at the Adult education in Germany and give online or private Japanese lessons.

Place of birth: Japan, Niigata
Mother of a child.
Due to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, I moved with my family to Germany in 2015.
Place of residence: Berlin

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